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If you're like me, and have a debt that you could never repay to Gary Gygax, how about joining me in leaving a donation in his name to Childs Play?  http://www.childsplaycharity.org/
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What a handsome devil
The Strokes - Reptillia
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Every time I see sweatpants walk by the reference desk, I'll send a tweet.
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Anyone have advice on where a guy could go in town to get a tailored suit?  I'm new to the dressing up game and could use some guidance.
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Pajamagram and AT&T.

I feel kinda sorry for Pajamagram for the matchup. But it got me to check out their site and blog about it, so something's working.
Led Zeppelin - Over The Hills And Far Away
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"Do not concentrate on the finger, or you will miss all the heavenly glory."

Bruce Lee -- Enter the Dragon

Kiss - Detroit Rock City
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This post is just in case other potential Quicksilver users have had the same issue I did.

I've spent hours trying to fix an issue with <a href="http://blacktree.com/?quicksilver>Quicksilver</a> where it hangs every time you want to get it to install a plugin. It turns out that the problem is with the directory at ~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver. The directory needs it owner changed from "system" to your own username. After that plugins install fine and you're well on your way to productivity heaven.

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Comics I follow

- Fables
- Jack of Fables
- Astonishing X-Men
- Buffy, Season 8
- Fear Agent
- Wolf-Man
- Hulk
- Amazing Spiderman

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This is your big chance.  The writer's strike has opened the door to the hearts of board people in need of En-ter-tain-ment.

Here are some ground rules.

1) Keep your podcast under half and hour.  If it's more than that, I'm only listening to the first half hour, and if that first half hour is just dicking around, I deleted you fifteen minutes ago.  If you must make it more than half an hour, it had best be chock full of awesome. 

2) It is better to come out with a good half hour occasionally rather than half ass an hour every week.  I subscribe to these things and they download automatically.  If you take your time and do a decent job, I will be thrilled to see your rarity in iTunes rather than feeling I have to slog through more of your crap every week.  You know how I deal with the latter feeling?  By unsubscribing.

3) You have got a shit-ton of competition out there.  Most of it is shit.  Rise above.

4) If this is my first time listening to you, you've got five minutes to catch my attention, so hit me with the good stuff first.  Then make the rest better. 

5) If you give me consistently good content, I will give you money.  Remind me to donate at the end of the show, not at the beginning.
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Has anyone been to Boarders lately? Were you able to find the register through all the impulse item crap they've got stacked around there? It's one of the most tacky displays I've ever seen, and I used to manage a quick stop next to a trailer park.

Really, it feels kinda insulting that this is the way they presume I'm going to be comfortable shopping.

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